Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Slasher Clash: Round 3 (Camping Carnage)

Don't put that bug spray away yet, folks. After our gory getaways and the summer camp slaughter of our last two Slasher Clash rounds, we're forest-bound once again for some tried-and-true camping carnage. No cabins, no running water, no indoor toilets this time. Just clueless young folk pitching tents (yes, there's sexual subtext there), roasting marshmallows over an open campfire, plenty of canned franks-n-beans, and pooping in the woods - all under the watchful eyes of bloodthirsty backwoods slashers.

In this corner, weighing in at 90 minutes and featuring my pal Jamie Rose and the Uncle Fester-like Mountain Twins, hoot and holler for 1981's Oregon-lensed Just Before Dawn...

In the opposite corner, with a matching 90-minute running time and featuring a pair of genuine inbred mama's boys with an appetite for rape, torture, murder, and slapstick, slap your knees and give a big hootenanny "How-deee!" for 1980's New Jersey-lensed Mother's Day...

So which of these inbred redneck slashers get your vote? Will it be the playful rolly-polly Mountain Twins of Oregon or the seriously twisted Ike, Addley, and their maniac mama from New Jersey? Three women on a camping college reunion or five friends roughing it among the redwoods? You're not out of the woods, slasher fans, until you vote!

In our third Slasher Clash, Just Before Dawn or Mother's Day?

Just Before Dawn
Mother's Day

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Disclaimer: No slasher film was hurt in the making of this blog.

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