Tuesday, March 11, 2008

More Random Thoughts...

Nothing much to report.

Tonight is American Idol. The top 12 will all be performing classic Beatles tunes. I'm predicting that one of the guys will win this time out. Probably little cutie David Archeleta or the hot Aussie rocker guy, Michael Johns. I wasn't feeling the other rocker guy, David Cook, but he blew me away last week with that rock version of Lionel Ritchie's Hello. The stoner guy (Jason Castro) just makes me giggle. Personally, I'm partial to the gay stripper guy, David Hernandez, for the obvious reason - he can sing. What? You thought I had a thing for dollar bills? On the girls' side, the only one I think is worth a lick is Carly Smithson. Amanda Overmyer...oh, my! Can you picture this Harley-riding rocker chick/nurse pulling up to administer your grandmother's insulin? I'd prefer diabetic coma myself, thanks.

A+ books to pick up...Chris Rice's new one, Blind Fall, hits stores today. Plus, check out my recent interview with him at DSM. Also, check out my buddy Alex Sokoloff's new one, The Price. A creepy hospital and a deal with the devil amount to some good, scary stuff. She was also the subject of the DSM third-degree...check it out.

The cover art for the anthology I'm editing with pal Chad Helder is up. Incredible stuff from a talented artist named Michael "Pooch" Pucciarelli. Check him out here. We've grabbed some outstanding writers for this so far...can't wait to share some of the names with you!

Listening to old Alison Moyet right now (the Singles collection). She'll be touring with former Yazoo buddy Vince Clarke this summer, and there'll be some super deluxe multi-CD set forthcoming. Quite a bit of nostalgia there, eh?

Watched Quentin Tarantino's Death Proof this weekend and was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this. Not a huge Tarantino fan here, but I really liked the retro 70's grindhouse feel. Acting was solid, dialogue was smart and crackled, car chase/crash scenes were amazing. Have to track down the other half of the Grindhouse double-bill now - Planet Terror.

That's all for now. Guess I'll close with this Jamie Lee moment:

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