Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Random Thoughts...

Rambling thoughts will be more like it. I think I'm too anal-retentive to fully embrace the wonderfully free-flowing blog style that so many have mastered. And the bloggers who eschew all form of grammar and punctuation, the ones who offer their daily discourse in a gushing waterfall of free association? They're my idols. Me? Leave off a period or forgo a comma? The notion of having my finger nails pulled out one at a time would cause less anxiety. Chalk it up to thirteen years of Catholic school, I guess.

So today is sorta-Super Tuesday in Texas, Ohio, Rhode Island, and Vermont. Big stakes for Clinton - I hope she pulls it out. Please people, get to the damn polls and make a difference. Apathy is such a national epidemic right now.

Feeling a bit bogged down by work, life, at the moment. Or maybe I'm approaching my milestone 40th birthday with my internal cruise control set to "mid-life crisis." Maybe I'll Google the word "therapist" today and see what comes of it.

Jamie Lee's new movie has undergone a title change from South of the Border to Beverly Hills Chihuahua. Guess the filmmakers got a little nervous about the whole immigration connatation. Why is this important? Because it's Jamie Lee Curtis. Where have you been?

I've been back on an Amy Winehouse kick since the Grammy Awards. If you're late to the game, she's a fantastic UK singer whose album Back to Black is bluesy, brassy, ballsy...the musical equivalent of a drunken swagger. My favorite track is "Me & Mr. Jones" on which she begs the question: What kind of fuckery is this? Gotta love anyone who makes fuckery sound like it belongs in the English lexicon.

I think my new interview with actor/screenwriter Johnathan Schaech will be out any moment now in Autograph Magazine. Sometimes pieces get shifted from one issue to another with no notice to the writers, so who knows. It's a very cool gig that pays relatively well, but I'm drying up on ideas. Or maybe the virtual magazine and anthology project are just re-focusing my energies at present.

Speaking of energy (maybe anxiety is more like it), I'm all farmisht about this whole Blu-ray versus HD-DVD business. I finally figured out how to use my iPod and now I'm presented with the possibility of my 700+ DVD's being relegated to technological dinosaurs? My head hurts from all the technical jargon, even when people throw it back to a Beta versus VHS analogy. So my current DVD's are akin to Beta and Blu-ray will be the new VHS? If I buy a Blu-ray player, will the DVD's I have now play? And what the hell is this whole "the broadcasting signal will be turned off forever" crap coming in February 2009? Sounds so apocalyptic, to think of TV sets across the land turning off at midnight. I used to be so...adaptable to new technology. Now I'm just an imbecile. Maybe it's because I'm turning 40. Oh, sweet Jesus...back to that again.

Rambling done.

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