Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A New Blog Header...and a Contest!

In celebration of my spiffy new blog header designed by the wildly talented Deena Warner and company over at Deena Warner Designs, I thought the occasion called for a little fun.

In the new header (at the top of the blog, for those directionally challenged), there are images from twelve classic (and not so classic) slasher/horror movie posters. Identify the films represented and email them to me with your name and contact email at no later than Friday, May 23rd. I'll post the names of those who got them correct here at Slasher Speak and then randomly select a winner. Be sure to put the words SLASHER SPEAK CONTEST in the subject line of your email.

The winner will receive a grab bag of loot including:

  • a book cover flat for Dead Sea, signed by author Brian Keene

  • a book cover flat for A House Divided, signed (x2) by author Deborah LeBlanc

  • an autographed photo of actress Jamie Rose from the classic slasher film Just Before Dawn and the long-running CBS primetime soap Falcon Crest

  • a signed copy of my novel The Literary Six

  • a signed copy of Autograph Magazine featuring my article on collecting Stephen King (sorry, signed by me - not, alas, Stephen King...)

  • a signed copy of Autograph Magazine featuring my roundtable interview with horror authors Jack Ketchum, Brian Keene, Scott Nicholson, and Deborah LeBlanc (again, signed by yours truly)
Alright, it's not exactly the treasure trove you've been wishing for, but it's some free stuff. Cherish it, burn it, sell it on eBay...use it to barter for some better comic books.

Let the game begin...

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