Sunday, July 13, 2008

New Interview with 'Bloody Valentine' Screenwriter

My new interview with screenwriter Todd Farmer is now live at Dark Scribe Magazine. During our in-depth chat, Farmer spoke at length about what slasher fans can expect from the forthcoming remake of My Bloody Valentine. From his thoughts on the film's casting to singing the praises of the new 3D technology, he waxes enthusiastically on the MBV update.

Farmer doesn't hold back with his candid insights on life as a screenwriter in modern-day Hollywood either, and he warns that what the screenwriter writes isn't often what you seen up there on the big screen. And, yes, he's the guy who sent Jason Voorhees to outer space and talks a bit about the ill-fated Jason X and the hate mail he's received from fans who were none too happy with his contribution to the iconic film franchise.

And I even get Farmer to answer the burning question on the minds of slasher fans everywhere: Will there be a Mabel character in the new MBV, and will she have her heart stolen in a laundromat?


Jeff Allard said...

Awesome interview! I just hope that this new take on MBV is 100% on the money.

kindertrauma said...

Wow, I was actually breathing a sigh of relief throughout the entire interview. Are they really going to try to do a good movie here? It seems like they are. is that still allowed?!
I now have some real faith in this movie (the Atkins casting helps too). If it's good maybe I'll finally get the MBV part 2 I've been begging for all these years! Great interview!