Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Listening Booth: Adele

Next to great literature, it's music that fuels my soul. I'm passionate about music. I love when I "discover" a new voice, a singer who's orginal and who moves me. Music loosens inhibitions and frees the muses. It relaxes, it resonates, and it touches upon abstract aspects of ourselves with each note, each vocal nuance.

So, in my never-ending quest to organize and bring shape and consistency to this blog, I introduce the newest weekly feature - which is neither about horror nor Jamie Lee Curtis. Welcome to The Listening Booth where I'll give you a taste of what massages my ears, what melodic marvels pump inspiration through my writerly veins. File this under getting to know the man behind the writer. My musical tastes run the gamut - so much so that a peek inside my CD collection (numbering in the thousands now) might indicate schizophrenia to the casual observer. That said, I have a penchant for female vocalists...the throatier the better. I like big 'ole voices on big 'ole diva songbirds.

First up is one of my newest discoveries. Adele is a 19-year-old songstress hailing from London whose honest, textured voice belies her tender age. This UK marvel - who strikes me as a cross between the incomparable Alison Moyet and Amy Winehouse - combines elements of jazz, pop, and folk to create a sound that she describes as "heartbroken soul." Her debut album - appropriately titled 19 - was released this past June. Three clips to introduce you to this latest one-named wonder...

From a June 2008 appearance on The Letterman Show, Adele sings her debut single, "Chasing Pavements":

One of Adele's influences is the legendary Etta James. From a live performance at The Mission Theater in Portland, Orgeon, here she is singing "Fool That I Am":

Here she is again performing "Hometown Glory" during an appearance on the BBC 2 in October2007:

For more information about this fabulous UK singbird, visit her official website.

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