Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Blogging Bits (and Pieces)

OK. First order of business, what’s a self-respecting gay guy like me doing with a gratuitous T&A photo (well, "T" anyway) on my blog? Well, gotta throw one out to my breeder readers (all two or three of them) once in awhile, no? So, for all those among the Slasher Speak straightest, this one’s for you. (Just don't get used to it, fellas.)

Now, on to more appropriate and important business…

It’s been a bit since I’ve rounded up the brightest and best (or is that darkest and worst?) from around the horror blogosphere. Lots of good stuff out there, so here are some of the highlights:

  • Those clever boys over at Kindertrauma compiled their own list of snow-scare horror films and then inexplicably left Terror Train off the list(!). Much camp and mock indignation ensued. Ultimately, the kindly Unkle Lancifer and Aunt John were forgiven since they did remember to include my favorite unsung slasher, Curtains.

  • Jeff Allard’s enthusiasm over the imminent arrival of the legendary lost footage from the original My Bloody Valentine rivals only mine. Read his insightful thoughts about the generation gap as it relates to lost film footage over at Dinner with Max Jenke.

  • Cinema Fromage felt little love for Return to Sleepaway Camp, while Ryne over at The Moon Is Dead managed to use the uber-cool word “festooned” in his review of the Prom Night remake. John Morehead of TheoFantastique offered up a critical analysis of the literary phenomenon-turned-cinematic success known as Twilight.

  • CRWM over at And Now the Screaming Starts offered something for us bibliophiles and literary types (We need more blogging about books, folks! Not everything revolves around film!) with his review of the forthcoming Doubleday tome Glister, by John Burnside. While an excellent review in and of itself, it’s CRWM’s interesting theory on blurbs – which he somehow rather successfully links back to Russian gangsters(!) – that really grabs, informs, and entertains.

  • Max over at The Drunken Severed Head offered up a travelogue of sorts, taking his readers to Zombie Fest 2008 at Pittsburgh’s Monroeville Mall, the infamous site where much of George R. Romero’s classic Dawn of the Dead was shot. While there, Max ran into fellow LOTTD’er Kim (Gospel of the Living Dead) Paffenroth and KISS’ Gene Simmons. (Hey, I only report what I read!)

  • Unspeakable Horror’s Chad Helder enjoyed an excellent review of his Vincent Price Presents… comic book series from Zombos Closet of Horror and offered the first of his recommendations for Xmas horror comics for all those bad little boys and girls – overgrown and otherwise – on your holiday gift-buying lists.

  • Imagine my surprise when Ross Horsley of the fab-tacular Anchorwoman in Peril selected The Literary Six to mark Day 20 in his Sham Shocktober countdown! I was surprised, flattered, and humbled all at the same time. Ross, if you read this, you’ve got a signed copy of the book with your name on it. (I can’t seem to find a link to contact you on your blog, my friend.)

  • Lastly, for all you writers out there, don’t forget that I’m editing an anthology of non-fiction essays on slasher films called Butcher Knives & Body Counts: Essays on the Formula, Frights, and Fun of the Slasher Film for Dark Scribe Press. A call for submissions went out in early October, but the holiday season has slowed incoming submissions to a trickle. No submissions, no book. So put down the holiday tinsel and get writing!


B-Sol said...

Thanks for checking out the podcast, Vince, I had a feeling you might! Glad you enjoyed it, it was a real treat for me.

CRwM said...

I'm glad you liked the whole blurb bit - I was hoping somebody would get a chuckle out of the juxtapositions.

Stacie Ponder said...

Thanks for the shout out! Man, I can't believe I omitted Terror Train. I think I tend to remember the...uh...traininess of it rather than the snowiness. Even despite Kenny's big faceplant ice splat!

I need to read The Literary Six.

Max the drunken severed head said...

Thanks much for the post plug!

I hope to meet you at a future Zombie Fest!


Paul Bibeau said...

Thanks so much! It's nice when someone notices a person's insanity.

Pax Romano said...

As always, thanks for the shout out(s).

KPaffenroth said...

high beams! I knew you were okay, Vince!

Ross Horsley said...

Wow, what a thrill to be namechecked on here! Thanks!

Curt Purcell said...

Thanks so much for the mention, Vince!

Shanna said...

Interesting blog. Just wanted to say our dogs have the same name just spelled a little differently. I own a white boxer and his name is Curby.

Vince Liaguno said...

Thanks, Shanna - and welcome! Boxers are beautiful dogs. Your spelling of Kirby/Curby is interesting. Here on Long Island, the red can we use for recycling is called a "Curby", so I suspect that if you lived in my neighborhood you might have opted for the vacuum cleaner version of the name as I did! :-)