Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thinking of Tina...

Just learned today in doing research for Butcher Knives and Body Counts that actress Lar Park Lincoln, best known to Friday the 13th fans as Tina from the iconic film franchise’s seventh “New Blood” installment, is battling breast cancer. She is currently undergoing chemotherapy for the rare (1 in 10) form of breast cancer known as Lobular and is scheduled for a double mastectomy following treatment.

Lincoln has always been one of my personal favorites from the slasher genre’s “final girl” canon. In addition to her Friday the 13th role, she also starred as Kate in House II: The Second Story and as the delicious villainess Linda Fairgate on Knot’s Landing. It was on the latter that I really gained an appreciation for her work as an actress. I threatened to boycott the show when word of her exit made the rounds (alas, CBS did not heed my warning...) and I actually remember crying when her character’s throat was slit in comeuppance for her misdeeds(!). While she’s continued to act in small roles, Lincoln moved back to her native Texas to raise her two children (from late husband Michael Lincoln who died of cancer in 1995). Since then, she’s earned a reputation as one of Texas’ most elite career coaches for actors, models and pageants and launched her own line of QVC products.

What I especially like about Lincoln is that the Texas-born blue-eyed beauty has never renounced her humble horror roots, instead embracing her notoriety by participating in numerous Friday the 13th reunions and documentaries, including the new His Name Was Jason. Even now, battling this horrible disease, she exhibits an inspirational resolve and terrific sense of humor (from her website):

“Have you heard those rumors that "Lar has cancer?” Well, yes, they are true. Early October I got the dreaded Breast cancer call - not really a call more like a moan...Darn it…I have such great boobs!! I’m the only actress in the world left with real boobs. What a terrific claim to fame!! I have a rare form called Lobular - a version that is about 1 in 10 and doesn’t show up on mammograms! Go figure! At least they have named it after me – lobuLAR. LOL!”
Sending out love and positive vibes to you, Lar. Remember: you beat Jason Voorhees. You can – and will – beat this, too.


Pax Romano said...

Having seen my mother and sister through breast cancer this past year (within a month of each other), I know how devastating this can be for the woman involved and her family. I am sure that Lar will pull through this and be fine.

gil mann said...

God. Imagine if a reanimated corpse with a weedwhacker was the second scariest thing you'd faced.

Mother Nature: the original Master of Horror.

Best of luck, Lar (and good idea not to allow comments on your site; the well-intended but clunky telekinesis jokes would've worn thin after the first thousand or so).

Brad said...


Lar is currently cancer free and getting her life back to normal.

You can see a little more on my blog..

We're currently redesigning her website to make it more friendly... stay tuned.