Monday, April 20, 2009

Hell's Aquarium

Here is the book trailer for author Steve Alten’s Hell’s Aquarium, the fourth installment in his Meg series. I just love the power of this advertising medium. One of the slickest book trailers I’ve seen in awhile — and boasts a killer tagline!

Not familiar with Mr. Alten’s stuff. Anyone out there read any of the Meg titles or Alten’s other books?


Anonymous said...

I've read all of Alten's Meg series so far, and can not wait to get my hands on the fourth, Hell's Aquarium on May 19th. I've preordered it from

I have never seen a video trailer for a novel, and this one is very effective. I loved The Loch as well. Alten is a master of suspense.

Amanda By Night said...

Oh man, that was awesome! I'm a huge shark attack movie fan and enjoyed Meg the novel quite a bit. This piqued my interest.

I haven't really seen any book trailers either. This was pretty effective!