Monday, May 18, 2009

Jamie Lee Wigs Out!

Say it isn’t so! Is Jamie Lee actually channeling Britney Spears — the cuckoo years?

No, it’s just my girl doing what she does best: making a statement. This time, it’s an important one.

Jamie Lee and a bunch of Hollywood A-listers headed to the Beverly Hilton Hotel this past Saturday for the 3rd Annual Noche De Ninos Gala celebrating hospital heroes and benefiting Children's Hospital Los Angeles. Her True Lies husband and current California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger was on hand to present her with the 2009 Entertainment Industry Courage to Care Award for her continued support and involvement with children's hospitals and organizations.

So why the pink locks? She wore the pink wig to the event in memory of a young girl named Katie Westbrook. "Katie was a young cancer patient that I met in Pittsburgh," she told Entertainment Tonight from the red carpet. "This is what Katie wore. This is how she dealt with her cancer — she walked around challenging people to look at her. When she died I asked her mother if I could continue her work. I'm doing this because you will show this tonight and you'll tell her story."

Watch the video below to hear more from Jamie Lee and the heroes of the evening:


Pax Romano said...

As someone who has two sisters and a mother who have dealt with cancer in the past year and a half, I applaud our girl, JLC for donning the wig and bringing that little girl's story to light.

This is just another reason to love Ms. Curtis!

monsterscholar said...

Go Jamie! Though I do mourn her new commercial role as the "Activia Lady"