Saturday, October 31, 2009

In the Spirit of the Season...

"The Horrors of J"

Piano tinkles signal autumn bloodshed as
jagged grins of butchered jack-o-lanterns
scream in the bloody night of Samhain.

Tendrils of creeping mist wrap
vengeance upon leprosy of the heart
as clippers slice through murky depths.

Scarlet sprinkles the celluloid images
of prom kings and queens and severed heads
roll down the catwalk of adolescent shame.

Winter snow soaked with crimson
like garish cherry snow cones when
trains bullet along revenge-tinged tracks.

Sun drenched highways scorch as
Dingos dodge murderous games on macadam
black and tarry with the stench of death.

The returning moon of All Hallows Eve
surgically slices through Hippocratic oaths
and pastel scrubs run red with sisterhood.

Undying evil thrives in pagan pop culture
revisiting the graves of carved out souls
twenty score seasons after the carnage of Samhain.

Volts of electronic plasma bring
slaughter to the denizens of salvage
mechanical incarnations of high-wattage death.

A penultimate bow as harvest moons burn bright
orange in the glow of circles come full
falling…falling…falling into final escape.

© 2009 Vince A. Liaguno

(Illustration by Kevin Kobasic)


Pax Romano said...

Love it!!!

Happy Halloween, Vince.

Vince Liaguno said...

You, too, Pax!

kindertrauma said...

Exquisite tribute, hope you are having a Happy Halloween Vince! -Unk