Wednesday, June 18, 2008

All Around the World (or Blogging Bits)

Like the Lisa Stansfield song, I’ve been all around the (blogging) world and I…I…I…(cue obligatory Jamie Lee Curtis photo):

My fellow horror bloggers from the League of Tana Tea Drinkers have an excellent roundtable exploration of evil children in horror up at BlogCritics. Jump in and join the discussion.

Fathers figured heavily into the blogging week as Father’s Day was celebrated. Comic-themed
Horrors of It All paid special tribute to Dads everywhere with a look back at artist Bernie Wrightson’s comic version of the Creepshow vignette "Father’s Day" from the July 1982 graphic novel adaptation of the pre-code horror-inspired George Romero-directed, Stephen King-penned film. Hosts Unkle Lancifer and Aunt John over at Kindertrauma presented their picks for Trauma-daddies, stamping those father figures in horror with seals of approval or disapproval. Finally, Carnaki over at The Mystery of the Haunted Vampire posted a poignant Father’s Day tribute to his own Dad and shared some thoughts on responsible fatherhood, proving that sometimes it’s not all about the horror.

Speaking of critics, they haven’t been kind to M. Night Shyamalan’s The Happening, which
I weighed in myself on this past Sunday. Check out some of the other LOTT D reviews at Horror’s Not Dead and Vault of Horror.

Some other highlights from the horror blogging community that caught my eye:


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