Monday, June 16, 2008

I Can Say I Knew Him When...

I’m delighted for my friend and frequent collaborator Chad Helder who has signed on as lead writer and script editor for not one, but two(!), new comic book series from Bluewater Productions.

From the official press release…

“The legacy of legendary horror film actor Vincent Price will soon stalk the comic aisle.

Bluewater Productions, Inc. has entered into an agreement with the estate of film icon Vincent Price to produce a new monthly comic book series titled, 'Vincent Price Presents.' The series will feature the iconic Price in a myriad of roles including host, muse, background player, and protagonist.

The on-going series will showcase classic gothic horror elements, but will also include themes from Price’s past work in the mystery and suspense genres.

Price’s daughter, designer Victoria Price, was instrumental in brokering the historic deal. This is the first time her father’s name and likeness will appear in a licensed comic book series.

Victoria Price explains the motivation behind the collaboration: 'I’m really touched and excited about the series because it will help energize my father’s legacy for a new generation. We’re planning a big celebration for his 100th birthday in 2010, and this comic series fits into those plans perfectly.'

Bluewater is predominately known for the 'Ray Harryhausen Presents' titles based on the Sinbad franchise and the '10th MUSE' series of comic books and graphic novels. It has recently added the horror genre to its repertoire.

'After the success with the Ray Harryhausen comics, we wanted to work with another film legend. Vincent Price was always at the top of everyone's short list,' said Bluewater President Darren Davis. 'We find his body of work and presence on film to be really inspirational, so we wanted to recreate his legacy for a new generation of comic book readers. Not only are we developing sequels to his specific films, we are also developing gothic horror stories in the spirit of his legacy.'

The 'Vincent Price Presents' series will launch this fall in conjunction with another new horror series from Bluewater. 'Bartholomew of the Scissors' will feature gothic horror elements with innovative twists. Similar to the 'Vincent Price Presents' series, the primary focus is on good storytelling technique as opposed to gratuitous gore. Writer Chad Helder and artist Daniel Crosier have given the series a unique voice and a distinctive organic look.

The first issues of 'Vincent Price Presents' and 'Bartholomew of the Scissors' will be released in October to coincide with Halloween festivities.”

I first became acquainted with Chad when he took a shine to The Literary Six and offered this fledgling scribe a home at his outstanding Unspeakable Horror site, the actual birthplace of Slasher Speak. Since then we’ve forged a friendship that’s included a short story collaboration (that’s in the process of being shopped around literary town) and an anthology of queer horror tales that we co-edited. Chad was one of the first folks to extend his virtual hand in friendship to me two years ago, and I’m just thrilled for his success!

For more information on Chad’s forthcoming comic book series (x2!), check out the Bluewater Productions website. There's also an interesting article about the new Vincent Price series at Newsarama.

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